Affinity Medical Group participates in the value-based P4P (VBP4P) program conducted by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) for California health plans and physician organizations. The VBP4P is a shared savings model which holds physician organizations accountable for the cost, cost trend, and resources used for all care provided to their commercial HMO/POS members, as well as the quality of this care. Currently, participants include 9 health plans and over 200 California physician organizations. The program has four key components:

  • A common set of measures and benchmarks
  • Health plan incentive payments to physician organizations
  • Public reporting of physician organization results; and
  • Public recognition awards

Tools and Resources

  • To support its providers in the VBP4P effort, Affinity Medical Group distributes monthly P4P Reports to help providers better track and manage their current P4P performance and proactively reach out to their patients.
  • Affinity has put together an IHA P4P Measure Manual. This manual provides a quick guide on all P4P measures, including specifics around eligible tests and exclusions.
  • For more information on P4P measures, you can also visit http://www.iha.org/our-work/accountability/value-based-p4p .